Thursday, July 4, 2013


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Saturday, June 22, 2013

When we share, we show we care...

This RPMs blog will be a combination of resources that were shared on the Schoolnotes page for approximately 7 years, as well as websites that were listed on the only2clicks page. Hopefully, leaders and teachers in the Heart of Georgia RESA area will frequently reference and use the resources in their professional paths.  HGRESA serves the following districts:  Bleckley, Dodge, Dublin City, Laurens, Montgomery, Pulaski, Telfair, Treutlen, Wheeler, and Wilcox.  

All links and resources should be carefully and strategically reviewed before using with teachers and/or students.  Some postings may not be grade level appropriate for your students.  Please remember this blog is a sharing site.  If you find a link that has inappropriate content, please send me an email.

Blog #2 (E-N) of RPMs is located at  Blog #3 (O-S) is located at Blog #4 (T-Z) is located at The second and third blogging sites are necessary since the pages are being used to list resources. The site allows only 20 pages. It seems that posts are not limited, but individual pages are limited.  This blogger has chosen to use the pages as a way to "file" the weblinks. 

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